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Safety Switches
A safety switch is a device that quickly switches off the electricity if an electrical fault is detected. A safety switch minimizes the risk of injuries and deaths due to contact with electricity.

If a person comes into contact with electricity, through a live conductor (an object that is conducting electricity) or a faulty appliance, electricity will flow to the ground through the person’s body and can result in:

  • mild to severe electrical shocks
  • muscular pains.
  • breathing difficulties.
  • burns and other injuries
  • heart failure
  • death.
How safety switches work

When a person comes into direct contact with electricity, electricity is directed through their body to earth. This causes a loss in the amount of electricity in the electrical circuit (the path for the flow of electricity). A safety switch detects very small losses of electricity and immediately switches the power off.

A safety switch can switch off electricity in a circuit in as little as 0.3 seconds.

Fuses and circuit breakers protect against short circuits and current overloads, but only safety switches protect people from electric shock.

Why do I need a safety switch?

Safety switches provide protection against injuries caused by electricity. Many of the fatalities caused by electricity could be prevented by installing a safety switch. Many older homes may not be protected by safety switches.

In 1991 it became mandatory in South Australia to have safety switches installed in all new domestic premises and in buildings where electrical circuits are altered or added. While it is not mandatory to have safety switches in older homes, it is recommended that you consider having them installed. Safety switches are the most significant change you can make to protect you and your family from electric shock.

Installing a safety switch

Switchboard and power point safety switches must only be installed by a licensed electrician.

You must also ensure that the licensed electrician gives you an electrical certificate of compliance once the installation is complete.

So if you don’t already have safety switches or need to replace old or faulty safety switches let Life Electrical help keep you and your family safe. Call us now!

Surge Protection

Surge protection is used to keep electrical devices in the home and work place from being exposed to voltage spikes. Surge protectors work by blocking or shorting to ground unwanted spikes in voltage caused by factors such as lightning, faulty wiring or sudden turning on and off of high power electrical devices. If you live in an area with lots of thunderstorms or are powering large A/C’s, Refrigerators or Electric motors then you’re probably more likely to experience power spikes.

To be properly protected from potential surges you need to have two stages of protection. The first is protection before a surge enters the property located at the main switch board. The second stage addresses spikes within the home or work place located directly at the appliances power supply.

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